Stocking a 5.5 gallon, guppies?

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There are precious few fish species that will thrive in a 5.5 gallon tank tbh.

This size is ideal for a single betta splenden and possibly a few shrimps and snails. As Nickau already mentioned, this depends on the fishes temperament towards shrimps.

Or or a shrimps and snails only set up, these can be real nice (I have one ;) )

And I would not put guppies in there, maybe a few endlers since they are smaller than guppies but they won't thrive. I did this when I first started the hobby and they were ok I guess but when I moved them into a 10 gallon tank, wow, huge changes in the endlers behaviour, much happier and more colourful and lively. Will never again put endlers in a 5 gallon tank. They'll survive but not thrive, big difference.
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