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  1. P

    Betta Fin Rot and Nitrogen Cycle

    I'm having a lot of trouble and have not been able to get the answers I need. I've had my betta for a month now and have been trying to cycle the tank, but no luck. He is in a 5.5 gallon tank. He had fin rot which I had seemed to get under control and he even had new growth on his fins, but...
  2. Ash Paws

    Water changes

    Hi guys, I was wondering how many times a week I should do a water change for my betta, Pence. He is in a 5.5 gallon with a Topfin Silenstream Power Filter 10. I was thinking since his tank is pretty small probably twice weekly or once weekly? Please share your opinions Ash
  3. B

    Stocking 5.5 Gallon Saltwater Tank

    I wanted to stock a 5.5 gallon saltwater tank. What type of plants, fish, and invertebrates could I have? I really like brittle stars, Panda Gobies, and sexy shrimp, but if those won't work I am open to other types. Could I have any of those in the tank? And how many of each species should I put...
  4. FishingInTheAir42

    Stocking a 5.5 gallon, guppies?

    Hello everyone, I'm sort of a new member. I don't go on here much, but I've had this account for awhile now. I myself have never had fish before, but my parents(especially my dad) are extremely experienced in fishkeeping. My dad actually worked at a local petstore before, and he and I are...