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Jun 16, 2003
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My Black Red Tail Shark jumped out the water today and it was lyin on the floor fo about 5 mins and i thought it was dead when i seen it but i piced it up and it move a little i mean a realy little so i put him back in the tank and he came back to life but the odd thing is he is silver now

quite weired

please help The Agent :sad:
That is VERY strange......
Is he completely silver, like ALL over!???

I've heard of fish changing color but.......sheeeesh!!

yea i #### u not he has a silver body black fins and a red tail multifish :crazy:
Red-tails lose color when they are stressed. He probably is really stressed due to being out of the water. When I clean the tank my red-tail turns to a gray-ish color because he is scared. Your red-tail should return to normal soon, just as long as he is fed right and has hiding places.

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