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Retirement of WhistlingBadger

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Congrats on retiring, @WhistlingBadger ! I hope it's for fun reasons, hunting, making bows, making music, and that all is otherwise well with you, and that you'll still be just as active as a member, I hope! If it's because of not so fun things, then thoughts and prayers are with you, either way. Thank you for giving your time so generously as a mod, you were a perfect choice, and proved that over the three years you did it! It's also lovely that you bought your mini badger in too. :)

The retirement party for @WhistlingBadger will be held at our corporate office in Manhatten, high above the Hudson River. It will be a bit delayed though. The party will be held on April 1st, 2024. All moderators and members are invited. Bring your bathing suit as swimming among the coral and the fish in the 15,000 gallon aquarium will be allowed.

Is that aquarium really 15,000 gallons? It's absolutely incredible to look at, but it looks super uncomfortable to swim in. You'd be scratching yourself on the coral, or squishing yourself against the glass to avoid the coral!

Reminds me of a school trip where we were hiking, and had to go down a narrow footpath, with an electric fence on one side keeping the cows in, and massively overgrown brambles and stinging nettles on the other side. Even as a pack of skinny kids, it was narrow, and summer, so we're all in short sleeves and shorts etc, and I was towards the back of the group, listening to choruses of "Ow... OW! Aaarrgh" as people accidentally grazed the electric fence, jumped back from the shock, then hit the briars and stinging nettles instead.

None of us escaped unscathed. Was a long path too. When we finally made it out into the open, we had to sit in this field while the teachers first aided the worst of the bramble scratches and we hunted for dockleaves to medicate stinging nettle stings and passed around insect bite cream. Fun!

Anywho, imagining trying to swim in that aquarium reminded me of that random story I felt compelled to share. Any chance we can just visit a spa, or swim with sharks or something instead? I've already made a note, April 1st, I'm free!

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