Removing Meds Without Carbon?

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Jan 6, 2014
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Hi. I was wondering if it was possible to remove meds without carbon. No particular reason other than i do not have carbon on hand and was trying to avoid getting some just to use for a couple of days. I just started treating yesterday with Mardel's QuICK Cure because a couple of my fish are showing signs of a parasite, but no spots yet, anyway (I just treated them for ich a month or so ago. I think I didnt treat long enough.) The blue acara is shakin his head, rubbing on stuff and is hiding more than usual. My rainbow shark is rubbing on stuff. Not sure what the parameters are, I think I will get the water tested tonight at my lfs. Can anybody give me advice?
If you don't want to use carbon I guess you could just carry out some water changes. say 50-75% day one, then 50% day two and then drop down to 20-30% for a few days should do it.
You dont think that would mess with the biological cycle?
Don't preform large water changes if your tank PH is different to tap PH.
Water changes will be fine but don't forget to match tank temp.
Thanks, guys. I think i will just get carbon. I was only really wondering if it was possible to remove meds without it.
As mentioned, you CAN remove meds without carbon, but its a bigger hassle and it leaves the meds in the water for longer than necessary.  The carbon is much more efficient and faster. 
Even 50-75% water changes doesn't remove the meds as thoroughly as the carbon would.
For example... full dose of medicine would be 100%.
50% water change drops medicine in water to 50%.
ANother 50% drops to 25%.
Another 50% drops to 12.5%.
Another to 6.25%, and so on.
Adding carbon is just a simpler method, with less water changes, less impact if you have different water parameters than your tap water, and it is far faster and more thorough.  Carbon is also fairly cheap.  
So, to address the main question, yes it is POSSIBLE... but its not recommended because its not as efficient.

Dmbandstef said:
You dont think that would mess with the biological cycle?
Oh, and I wanted to be certain to address this question:
No.  Those specific bacteria live on surfaces in the tank, not in the water itself.  So, changing the water has no ill effect on the bacteria.  Now, with that said, the medicine itself CAN affect the cycle, especially if you are using an anti-biotic.
IMO, the time invested in removing without carbon isn't worth 2-3$ worth of carbon ;)

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