1. D

    Is this ick???

    Hey there guys I’m new to aquariums I’ve been doing good but lately my plecos have been dying off one by one and when I see the bodies there are little white spots all over I looked it up and found out about ick and now my dwarf powder blue gouramis are starting to have white spots can anyone...
  2. S

    The best brand for fungus medicine that won’t kill my elephant snails???

    My fish recently had a bit of a stress with a water change after I left my tank a little too long before cleaning. My water is perfect but I think it stressed them out a bit. One of my endler guppies appears to have tail rot from what I can determine and a couple of my glow light tetras have a...
  3. A

    Process of water change for golden/milky fish

    Hi All, I have just started with my first aquarium with few golden fishes. After few weeks I saw some fungal infection on one of my fish for which shopkeeper suggested to change complete water with ( anti-clorine + blue medicine + green medicine ) , I tried that but due to this one of my...
  4. Z

    Please help!!!!

    I have a large panther grouper who has a couple of flat worm-like parasites on his eyes. They are like wavy and only attached on one end. Earlier this year I had a Niger trigger who I had for 2 years and he passed after being completely covered by the same parasites, his fins rotted and he...
  5. B

    Female Dwarf Gourami Problems

    Hello, I've had this female dwarf gourami for about 3 months, she's been acting perfectly fine since I got her, however, I few days ago I noticed her hiding very frequently. So I decided to put her in a quarantine tank yesterday to inspect her. I noticed a white lump on her tail instantly. She...
  6. B

    Betta Ich? Please let me know.

    I just bought a betta yesterday and I didn't notice until I had added him to my 29 gallon tank. I was watching him intently to see how he would do with my community fish and he was doing really well but then I saw this spot on him. I took him out right away, and now he's in a 5 gallon tank so I...
  7. S

    Serious help needed diseases

    This pearl gourami seems to have pretty bad fin rot on it's too fin and what seems to be fungus on it's eye and on it's front two fin bases. treating with eSha gdex and eSha 2000 any ideas
  8. F

    Antibiotics In Australia

    Hello all,   I have a sick pleco (see this post: and am wondering if he needs antibiotics. If he does, does anyone know if they are commercially avail (i.e. over the counter) in Australia or if I require a vet's prescription...
  9. L

    Tropical Fish, Poorly - Panda Garra - Help

    Hello, I'm Lynsey, I've had tropical fish for over three years now and I have recently in the last couple of months upgraded to a bigger tank. All going well until this week, I introduced some new fish over a month ago and suddenly my Panda Garra (new fish) has a white/red scrape on the back...
  10. Dmbandstef

    Removing Meds Without Carbon?

    Hi. I was wondering if it was possible to remove meds without carbon. No particular reason other than i do not have carbon on hand and was trying to avoid getting some just to use for a couple of days. I just started treating yesterday with Mardel's QuICK Cure because a couple of my fish are...
  11. B

    Levamisole Dosage

    So, I am going to try and get some levamisole to try and get rid of the camalanus worms in my tank. I have seen lots of different dosages for this.   What dosage is safe, yet effective?    Edit: my tanks are 38, 10, and 8  U.S. gallons
  12. S

    Natural Treatment

    (I DID NOT WRITE THIS I FOUND THIS ON ANOTHER FORUM)   Something I found Very Helpful!       Treating Hexamita aka Spironucleus with Epsom Salt Solution This is a rather safe way to treat any newly imported fish, as a prophylactic, just as one would use a de-wormer...
  13. P

    Goldfish Dying, Tried Medicine, Wont Work!

    HELP! I don't know what else to do, sigh my goldfish got ick from another fish I added about a month ago, unfortunately the fish died, cleaned the aquarium and treated my goldfish with ick jungle treatment, he recovered, some weeks later he got fin rot, checked the ammonia levels and they were...