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  1. K

    Product to kill snails in a tank

    Before anyone freaks out, no I'm not thinking about any copper based, or salts to kill off snails. I'm already aware of benefits of snails and MANY methods of getting rid of them or taming them by feeding less or vacuuming more often for less foods for an outbreak. I'm not looking for any other...
  2. N

    What can I do

    I had a bit of an algae problem recently, bright green growths on the glass, with greenish water. I've managed to settle that problem by reducing the amount of light in the tank. I haven't been able to get the growths on the plants under control. I've cut back/trimmed most of the plant due to...
  3. S

    Blue-Green Algae

    Hello all, sorry for jumping in with a problem looking for answers. Never been much of a forum guy so not sure about the normal forum etiquette so please bear with me. I'm getting a bit desperate now and trying to ask around different forums for help. I have a 145L tank freshwater tropical tank...
  4. Sege

    Brown Stringy Stuff on Filter Intake

    Hi. I'm still new to the aquarium hobby and I recently bought a bottle of Tetra Safe Start hoping it would help startup the nitrogen cycle before I add any fish to my 10 gallon. Today is the fifth day since adding Safe Start, an I'm noticing that there is light brown stringy material attached to...
  5. Dmbandstef

    Removing Meds Without Carbon?

    Hi. I was wondering if it was possible to remove meds without carbon. No particular reason other than i do not have carbon on hand and was trying to avoid getting some just to use for a couple of days. I just started treating yesterday with Mardel's QuICK Cure because a couple of my fish are...
  6. SamB

    Almost Fluorescent Algae Growing Throughout Tank.. What Is It, Is It B

    Here are a couple pictures:         Any ideas? It is growing throughout, and my 6 otos and 3 gobys aren't touching it!
  7. S

    Algae Removal From A 3D Background

    I've got what I believe to be hair grass algae all over my 3D wall it's not easy to get rid of I tell you. Last time I removed it was with the high pressure hose however that took off paint too and consequently doesn't look as great. I've tried algae treatments and leaving it in the dark as per...
  8. tmoney7

    Blackout For Removing Hair Algae?

    so i have some hair algae starting to grow everywhere in my tank.  its even over taking my java moss!  i would almost like it if it would stay off of my other plants but that's not going to happen .  So what i was going to do was put a black bag over my tank and not use any fertilizer for about...
  9. mikerawr

    Getting Rid Of A Fish?

    Hey all,  In a previous post a lot of people told me that I needed to get rid of a Algae eating loach that was growing too large and territorial. I did not personally purchase these fish but received them as a gift. Now I want to know what people mean by "getting rid of a fish" or "the fish...
  10. toc

    Article: How I Accidently Removed 100% Of Pest Snails!

    Hi All, I just wanted to share my findings as I went through countless articles over years attempting to remove a small snail from my tank, none of the methods removed them in totality just helped control them to varying degrees.   Prevention is the best option: However you're probably reading...