Purple Algae on Anubias

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Nov 18, 2022
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Hi All,

I would be so grateful for your advice. I am fed up with the purple algae that grows on my plants. It's mainly on the Anubias and Swords. On the photos it looks pretty and purple coloured, but in reality its a much darker colour and I hate it. I would love to have bright green plants!

I have the Fluval Sienna 330 with the lights that come with it. Lights schedule: -

Turn on 2.00pm ramping up for one hour so full at 3.00pm Red 8%: Blue 5%: Cold White 85%: Pure White 85%: Warm White 0%
Turn off 8.00pm ramping down for 1.5 hours so off at 9.30pm
Moonlight Until 10.30pm then complete shut off Blue 5%

I do run CO2 although my discipline in changing the cannister has slipped recently and I can go a couple of weeks in between before putting a new cannister on.

Water changes usually pretty disciplined changing about 40% once per week.

Filter is Fluval FX4.

If anybody can please help me get rid of the horrible stuff and get back to bright green leaves I would be so grateful!

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