Pics Of My New Red Dragon Zz *pic Heavy*

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Dont buy too much "color enhancers" they may interfere with your fish's health. And you should feed him Spirulina or Natural Axtaxanthin.
Things are not looking good, hes not eaten for 2 days, no even prawns and is looking very poorly :(
I have just treated him for worms today because his faeces was white, hope i don't lose him :(
Aww poor Rex!!! (I read your other post and watched the videos :) ) he is fantastic hope he picks up soon
I really hope he pulls through this, poor fellow! :-(
Great little character!! 

Keeping my fingers crossed for Rex to get better very soon and back to his usual mad behaviour! 
GShorty, post something in the emergency section, as folk who don't read this thread will just think your updating with pics.

Your post will be seen by more people who can help.

Get well soon REX!!!!
Thanks i'll have a look, hes getting worse, this could be his last photos and video, taken 10 mins ago, i've tried hand feeding him, pretty much putting the food into his mouth, he did take it for a few seconds then weakly spat it out, i did his second dosage for worms today, his third dosage will be tomorrow, this is the third day he hasen't eaten, i fear he will be gone by the end of the week, if he does die i won't be buying another Flowerhorn, to much heartbreak because they are like a family pet, i have already decided if i lose him i'm going to do a heavily planted Angel and tetra/Cory tank.



Video of trying to feed him
Aww he doesn't seem his active self at all does he bless him hope he picks up soon for you
Poor Rex, that is such a difference.

Please ask for advice on a diff end thread, maybe a mod or someone who breeds them in the cichlid section may be able to help?

So hope he pulls through whatever's going on.
Yes, please make a thread..that was terribly sad to watch. I'm so sorry you're having to watch him go through this. :-(
Have you tried cutting it into a bit tinier pieces so you could just poke it into his mouth and all he'd need to do is swallow?
*Edit* Have you tried soaking it in garlic juice by the way?
Yeh i tried that :(
Today his lips are swollen, it looks like he has 'Duck Lips' :(
GShorty, just found this online:

From what I have been able to gather what is commonly referred to as "Duck Lips" is a bacterial infection. The info below was copied from an old post on a FH forum. (I don't recall which one?) It makes more sense to me than anything else I have ever read on the subject. In some cases it can act very swiftly, so I suggest that you treat ASAP and DO NOT RAISE THE TEMP of your tank, flexibacter bacteria thrives at higher temps.

And as Cam stated once it hits a certain stage, your fishes days are probably numbered.

The cause of your fish's "duck-lips" or more commonly called "mouth rot" is because of the pathogen Flexibacter columnaris (Flavobacterium columnare) that is very common with imported FH, Bettas, and Livebearers.

This is a disease that acts quickly in the acute form & slower in the chronic form.

You do NOT want to raise the temp at all!!! nonono

The reason is because Flavobacterium columnare thrives and reproduces faster in warm water especially at 84-86 degrees!

Keep the water between 75-76 degrees.

Treat the fish with Maracyn AND Maracyn 2. This is a safety caution to wipe out this nasty bug. It is completely safe and as a bonus it will kill off any Aeromonas which is very often apart of a Flex infected FH.

Because you treat with antibiotics you must have the medication at the proper level or it will not work at all, thus dose at FULL strength.

With FHs having the tendency to get this bug in virulent forms I advise to have the treatment continued to 15 days for serious infections/10 days for less serious infections even if all looks fine during the early stages of treatment.

Here is a slide show showing treatment of Flex on a small Betta fish: (

Here is an article that goes into further detail about this bacterial horror. (

Here's more info on the same disease, and another plan of action with meds that should be effective.

Treatment - Furan 2 (60 mg Nitrofurazone and 25 mg Furazolidone per packet) & Kanaplex (Kanamycin Sulfate) combination.

Thanks but i can't afford to give him any treatment now for 2 weeks until i get paid :(

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