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painted and inked fish

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Fish Crazy
Mar 4, 2003
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Lansing Mi
I have heard this before. Of fish getting injected with dye. I dont believe in this practice but I also dont know who is supect to having it done. I hope none of my cichlids are. I would be :< I dont think they are. But Ive been looking for fish to fill my 30 gallon with. I was thinking 3 angels then others. I saw some painted tetras the other day blue, green and pink. Then it occured these might be injected fish. I also saw a glass fish kinda looks like a neon with a coloed stripe down the backbone and a shorted stipe on the underside. Are these all injected fish. If so what are some cool colorful fish to mix with angels and what are the other fishies injected with dyes so that I mayavoid them??
I've only seen glass fish with the stripe of bright colour down it's spine DON'T BUY THEM tell the fish shop owner he's an a#$@hole for stocking them and if he doesn't stop selling them avoid his shop and tell all your mates too aswell :crazy: now what type of fish are colourful well theres loads to many to name them all but you could try cichlids as they are very colourful and most are quite easy to keep :D
A while ago I was conversing with an intellectual woman from the States concerning "flourescent" fish. She thought that this was their natural colours and bought several species. They all died within 5 months.
Any fish that is transparent can be dyed to look "good". Only experience can give you an informed judgement as to their authenticity.
I would'nt go as far as tdnp and insult the shop keeper. After all he will only sell what sells! Remember he may be a fish lover, but it is also his bread and butter. He needs to make a living. The only sensible way to bring these unsavory practices to an end is to highlight it. Your local free newspaper. Always looking for a story-don't name the shop otherwise you may find yourself in a libel case. Just mention " a local fish retailer" or something similar. people reading it will know what you are saying without actually coming out and saying it.
Something to think about.
:( Most albino fish can and have been injected.
Quite often the name will give you a clue. "Strawberry Tetra, Disco Cory" etc.

Beware it's an unscrupulous breeder/dealer that carries out this practice to make a fast buck and IMO they are parasites :grr: Mac.
Unfortunatly there are only two fish stores in my town, one sell hybrids the other sells injected fish. Thanks for the input I will not purchase the fish. Oh by the way I already have a cichlid tank plus I dont think they will go well with the angels :rolleyes: But I just had a thought what If we got ahold of some of these people who inject dies and decided we dont like thier color maybe we could inject an orange or green color to make them more interestingg.

My sentiments exactly!! Dragon is correct when he says "shops only sell what sells"!! I could make a killing if only I was to sell "flower horns".


There's a thread on the forum here concerning these. Check Mostanks' nice detailled post about the process and what it involves.

If I was to see them in a LFS I would 'encourage' them to cease selling them, but as has already been said they are making a living and not doing anything illegal.

Cheers, Eddie
would a Dog lover miss treat a dog NO would a cat lover sell miss treated cats no. Why not? Because it's morally wrong and it's even more wrong to make money out this cruel treatment to fish and then sell them as real coloured fish. I wasn't sugesting you have a go at him straight away but inform him that these fish have been miss treated and if he still stocked them then to avoid it and tell your friends about it. And if no-one buys them because they know how they have got there colour then the lfs's won't stock them then no-one will inject them. Would you like to be injected with something the size of a hose-pipe I wouldn't. One of the other forums I've been on had a petition which had alot of response, i'll find out which one and put a link on for YOU ALL to have a look at. by the sounds of things DS you condone lfs to sell them but not the animal who injects them. How can the shop owner be a fish lover when he's more concerned with making a fast buck!!!!( I'll get back to you with that link soon ) :crazy: :angry:
I agree with 95% of what tdnp has to say. The other 5% is my backdoor. :lol:

The world continues to disappoint me. Maybe we can tell GWB about this evil practice. :nod:
I can see how angry people are about the practice. I don't know much about it, but is it actually harmful to the fish?

In the US, Petco carries painted glass fish. You'd think PETA would be all over them if it was harmful?

Is this more barbaric than trimming the tails and ears of dogs?

I'm merely curious.

(and no, I don't have any.)

While cropping a dogs ears and tail can cause injury and/or death (as any surgery can) it does NOT shorten the dogs life if done correctly!!

Injecting dye into a fish does!!

As for it being barbaric..........that opinion is up to the individual. I have an American pitbull and have not nor will ever have his tail or ears cropped. This is usually done due to the unscrupulous practice of fighting these dogs, but that's another story!!!!!!!!!!!

You will find that alot more people are deciding not to have thier dogs tails and ears docked unless it is for a purpose-(namely hunting). Although I dont like the practice of docking tails. I breed Jackrussell terriers and have had their tails docked. I can tell you it is painful for the pup for a day or so. I cant remember the exact reason why these dogs have thier tails whacked. There were 2 if I can remember right. Thier tails are grossly long. The breed was actually created for fox hunting and the long tails were a hinderence since the dog is so close to the ground. Plus the dog only has control of the first 4 inches of its tail so the rest would drag on the ground. Ear docking is another story and I dont have any info on it. So sometimes it is necessary for the health of the dog. Where I do not see the same benefit for fish. Unless it helps them from getting eaten but I think the opposite would be true?

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