November 2010 Fish Of The Month Competition

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At your request it has finally materialised. This is the first of our brand new monthly competition "FISH OF THE MONTH"

Please read the rules for this competition (above) carefully and please adhere to those rules. Entries will be disqualified if any deviations to the rules are observed.

As it is with the TOTM competition, post your entries on this thread until the 13th November 2010, when voting will commence till the 28th.

I trust you will support this competition with enthusiasm and I'm looking forward to seeing all those beautiful fish from around the world.- let's have fun!!!
I just realised that we will not have a full month to submit our entries this month, so I'm opening this today, and will extend posting of entries to the 15th. (voting till 29th Nov)

All subsequent FOTM competitions will run from 14th to 13th of the month for entries and voting from 14th to 28th.

Here is my entry the lad himself Chops.


With borrowed camera verification pic, This was not easy, he tried to eat the paper through the glass :lol:

Wonderful Star!!... I'm so glad that you could get hold of a Cam to verify.... Now let's hold thumbs and see if Chops could be our first FOTM and POTM winner...(Both titles). Good luck with your entry.

(At least Chops would go down in history as being the first ever fish to enter the TFF FOTM competition)

I would like to enter this competition but I fail to understand what it is for..

Is it a competition of best fish or a competition of best picture of a fish?
my Lawnmower Blenny

the verification is from the pics I took for tank of the months tonight

I would like to enter this competition but I fail to understand what it is for..

Is it a competition of best fish or a competition of best picture of a fish?

As it is with (for instance) "Pet of the month", the quality of the photo is secondary, but must at least be presentable.... The content of the photo would be the focus point and should not favour a Mandarin above a female guppy (so to speak), but concentrate more on the quality and general condition and composure of the subject fish..... A colourless, but smiling happy female guppy gets my vote above a sad looking Clown Fish. (Comparison made just to convey my point)

the only pic I have thats new is my clown fish taken to night
or my Lawnmower Blenny
Simonas..... The rules (rule no.5) allow one entry per member per competition..... Thanks for your entries, but, which is it going to be?? :unsure: Clown or Lawnmower??

the lawnmower, I'll edit otherone out :blush:
Took about a million photos and it's this Boesmani Rainbow pic that came out best...


I didn't even know what a Blenny is so with some Googling, I now know what it is and I can safely say, Simon, you have a fab fish! :nod:
cheers chaps
I highly recomend them , bags of character and he suits his name Dave!!
Hi all, this is my entry for fish of the month;

My bumblebee Goby - Buggrit

Validation photo; apologies for the blurry text, had to have macro on.

And then my actual photo of Buggrit.

He's only a juvinile, but plenty of attitude, and the famous vacant grumpy stare of a bumblebee.

(man it's hard to take a photo of a jerky moving, 1cm fish)
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