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  • Hi there Biffster (& Mrs) pleased to make your aquaintance - seems youv'e been keeping fish as long as me, probably longer. Just possible we may have met over the years, I was active on the fish show circuit for around 6 years 1989-95 ish. Mainly FNAS stuff north west england. very keen on showing cichlids,rasboras, barbs etc. but spent years trawling as many LFS around lancashire.
    I am pleased to make your acquaintance.I may be asking you a few questions in time as I am 4 weeks into keeping marines but 41 years with a break of 10 years in keeping Freshwater tropicals.
    any body in this country know were we stand I TAKE NOT
    the biffster
    i was thinking of coming back but
    they remove4d my pm's again so no i wont be coming back all the best you lot
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