North American Native Fishes

Mr. Bones

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Dec 19, 2016
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For quite a spell a few years back i became fascinated with Native Fishes, joined NANFA and went on a lot of creek wading expeditions.

All of that was great fun, and very educational, as i had always up to that time never considered natives as fishes to keep in the home aquarium. I found out i was sadly mistaken and in keeping with this forums title ( Predatory Fishes) i have kept many, all being predatory of course. Gar and Bowfin being probably the most popular, but even the tiny Darter species are micro-predators in their own right.

Anyone who has never kept, or considered these fishes as a part of your hobby, especially at a point when you have been there done that to the point of boredom, give these beauties a try.

My favorite i think, is the Longeared Sunfish, I still catch a juvi every Spring, and keep it through late fall, in a tank of its own.


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