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Dec 1, 2012
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I brought home a tank around two months ago and I've been planning to add some new fish and plants. It is a 55 gallon tank with one filter, a heater set to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, two tank lights with covers, and an automatic fish feeder. The inhabitants are: two male sword tails, two angelfish, one black moor goldfish, one sailfin molly, two two pea puffers, two fancy guppies, one large chinese algea eater, a black khuli loach, a neon blue gourami, one bamboo shrimp and two cory cats. The acessories are: one pumice stone with a hole inside, two pieces of driftwood, some christmas moss, a bamboo plant, an amazon sword plant, a north american water primrose and an elodea. The substrate is medium pebbles, I may add some sand. I feed them tropical fish flakes and bloodworms. The bloodworms are fed twice a week and the flakes are fed a quarter teaspoon twice a day. The readings are: ph=7.4, alklinity=100ppm, hardness=120ppm, Nirtite=0ppm, Nitrate=10ppm. Any recommendations?
I would sort out the problems associated with your Black Ghost Knife first then consider adding new fish :good:.
I would really start another tank (at least 29, but better if 35 US gallons) for your black moor goldfish. 74 degrees is fine for goldfish, but I'm not sure for guppies, mollies and cories. Other than that, you need to fix the schooling size of your loach and cories. Also, other than upgrading the size of your schools, I woulnd't get anymore fish after upgrading the schooling sizes.

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