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  1. I Like Rare Fish

    Rare Fish's Rare Fish Profiles ~ All of my fish profiles/articles and more ~

    *note for mods. Nobody is allowed to post on the fish forums wiki page, only the subcategories. If you could move this to that page that would be great :)* Hello everyone, I am Rare Fish. I know, my name is corny, but in my defense...well...I don't like it either! I have made a few fish...
  2. Ellie Potts

    African Butterfly Fish? Rainbow Darter Fish?

    Has anyone kept these fish? I can barely find any information online about them but love the idea. For those who have kept them (or know someone who has) - what did you keep with them? General tank set-up? Thanks guys!
  3. S

    Gourami Compatibility

    Hello again! Since the success of the last forum when it comes to having my questions answered, I figured I’d post another. So as of right now I have a fully cycled, planted, hexagonal 40 Gal tank with three Gourami (one neon blue dwarf, one samurai dwarf and one licorice dwarf) but I wanna add...
  4. Corydoras_Catwoman

    Stocking 60 gallon! Oddball fish advice needed

    I will be getting my new 60 gallon Aquarium (230L) in the next couple of months, and i'm speculating on stocking. I'm moving the fish from my 20 gallon community to the 60, as i don't have room for both tanks...so I'm relatively restricted on what I can have. The stocking currently: 2 honey...
  5. W

    New Fish For Tank?

    I brought home a tank around two months ago and I've been planning to add some new fish and plants. It is a 55 gallon tank with one filter, a heater set to 76 degrees Fahrenheit, two tank lights with covers, and an automatic fish feeder. The inhabitants are: two male sword tails, two angelfish...