Neon Tetras - In Then Out !


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Nov 27, 2008
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I wonder if the collective experience on here can help. I KNOW that Angels can be anti Neons......I took a gamble, and put 5 neons in today.....and within 1 hr, I had them all back in a hatchery, and they arenow in my fry tank.

My angels, red eyes, odessa barbs, sissor tails, and even silver tips all seemed to go for the neons, which I HATED ! So we've collected
the neons (what a job that was) and have put them in with 6 Mollie / 6 Sailfin / 2 wagtail platy fry, and all seems ok again.

I'm in the process of setting up a new 240l tank.....I'd love 30/40 neons, a dozen sterba corys, and, say, 5 pairs of angels...but this experience has concerned me.

So, my question is....if I want a shoal of 30/40 neons, IF I get small angels, will this work ???? If not, what are compatible with neons ?



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Feb 6, 2005
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whoa there, buddy: 5 pair of angels in a 60g? that's a little ambitious to say the least. i'd put 1 pair, maybe two at a stretch.

if you're dead set on little blue-red tetras and angels, then why not try a school of 20-30 cardinals in your new tank? they're a smidgen larger than neons and are less likely to be eaten. however, i would still expect a fair amount of chasing.

in a 60g, with 5x filtration, i'd suggest:
20-30 cardinals
12 cories
2 angels
4 otos (in case you have algae or think they're cute)

that's still a lot of fish


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Jan 4, 2008
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I tend to think (both from some direct experience and from my reading here on TFF) that there's a bit of a dual thing with the angel/neon experience. There's the often repeated advice that if teh small angels grow up with cards/neons that were in the tank -before- the angels got there, then frequently those particular angels will tend not to disturb the neons, especially if the cards/neons are mature and healthy (little ones... welll...) Now the other thing, which I think is sometimes overlooked, is that angels, I personally think, have that characteristic somewhat common to many cichlids that their personality can be quite different with individual fish. That puts a real wild card in there for us giving any reliable advice. Like many cichlids, there are just going to be some "mean" angels and some "calm" angels and lots of combos in-between. I hope this adds some to your thoughts.

Overall I guess I'm saying that I think a healthy shoal of cards/neons already fairly established in a reasonably big tank like yours, with a pair or two of juvenile angels introduced later, should have a reasonable chance of working out, but there's an unpredictable element that will always be there and you have to be prepared for.


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