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Jul 9, 2016 at 8:10 AM
Jan 4, 2008
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Chapel Hill, NC, USA

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Enthusiastic "Re-Beginner", Male, from Chapel Hill, NC, USA

dear waterdrop, we need to get more fish. love, a swimmer Feb 7, 2010

waterdrop was last seen:
Jul 9, 2016
    1. Ruskull
      Hello Waterdrop, I live in the The Great State of NC in Triangle area myself!
    2. joeskandal
      hey, are you online right now? couldn't PM you as there is a dirty great Fish Forums box covering the chat box...
    3. lljdma06
      My madagascar is getting even bigger!!
    4. Skins
      Hello WD,
      I'm currently advising a member on their fish-in cycle who had a ammonia level of 0.50ppm, they have now performed a water change which was conditioned with seachem prime. After a further parameter check the ammonia is now 0.25-0.50ppm.
      My question is, because seachem prime has been added is it ammonium and not ammonia that they are seeing in their Api test results. I...
    5. Bashy
      Hi Waterdrop, Can't work out how to PM you.
      Have done another ammonia and Nitrite test on tank tonight (48 hours later), and still 0 readings. That's good but the thing is, the tank is still getting cloudier...am I just being impatient? Or can I do something?
    6. Jonesthecatfish
      Hi waterdrop.
      Ive copied my 1st posting to you:
      Im a first aquarium novice and have been fishlessly cycling for 7 weeks , got a planted tank and Ammonia readings 0.25 peaked at 1.00 >>> Nitrite 0, peaked at 0.5 and Nitrate 20 , been using only fish flakes ( increased to larger pinch per day after 1 week ) . No change in the 3 readings in over 2 weeks . Now dont know whats...
    7. lljdma06
      Echoing Miss Wiggle, empty that inbox, but I'll add. I registered for the AGA convention. Yay!!! Very excited...
    8. SensesFail
      My tanks broken it won't cycle lol added my chart in the forum cheers matey
    9. Miss Wiggle
      Miss Wiggle
      empty out your inbox - i want to send you a PM!
    10. zophie
      Hi Waterdrop,
      thanks for being such a great,helpful pearson on the fish forum.... You are always so nice when giving advice, you are defintly my favourite pearson on the forum!!
    11. waterdrop
      Gee, I never noticed there were these comments in my profile,lol
    12. jpeterson
      Just to let you know. Some how my tank cycled by its self! I had a few plants in while waiting for the test kit. They all seemed to disintegrate. Then when i got the test kit and tested everyday the results were 0ppm ammonia, 0ppm nitrites and 5ppm nitrates. Fish seem to be ok in the tank now. And i have since bought a bigger tank :P
    13. LilyRose Tank
      LilyRose Tank
      hi waterdrop. just updating you, both tanks are cycled now...hooray
    14. LilyRose Tank
      LilyRose Tank
      hi waterdrop, just letting you know i have dropped my tank number to two. really got toon enthusiastic..lol. at least one of them is cycled, and theother should be partly as i took media from the other tank. anyway, hows life?
    15. fish nutter
      fish nutter
      hi water drop please check out my post and tell me if i have understood it properly
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    Home Page:
    Chapel Hill, NC, USA
    (Note: waterdrop is -back- from the international Aquatic Gardeners Conference in Florida!...and hopes to attend the 2012 conference rumored to be in St. Louis..I think.)