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Jul 20, 2017
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(Hi Jordan)

So it all started a few years ago...

My girlfriend and I purchased a 10g tank for our daughter. After 2 months of having that tank, I did some research... and took on the challenge of a 75g saltwater fish tank. Surprisingly the tank did well but I wasn't able to grow coral because it's illegal in my state.

A few months later I found a great deal on local forums for a 150g.

Several months later I decided that a 150g fish tank was too small and I planned on building a 500g inspired by the DIY King but that project was a bust. I messed up on wood-word calculations so the glass panels I planned on extracting off of 2 x 150 tanks wouldn't have fit properly. Good thing I didn't take the 150g tanks apart, I would've been out on a ton of money and might have had to leave the hobby for who knows how long lol.

After that fail of a project I found a 240g for a decent price (someone was moving in two weeks and needed it gone). I shut down my 150g and upgraded to the 240g.

My 240g: stocked with 3 Azul peacock bass, 1 Orange cheek Pleco, 1 Datnoid, 1 Flagtail.
75g: 2 Clown fish, 1 firefish, 1 orange angel, 2 yellow tail damsels
10g: Assortment of glofish

Mid last year I ran into a financial crisis and had to sell my tanks.

Luckily I recovered and was able to get back into the hobby. I now own only one tank. A planted aquarium with freshwater shrimp.

I plan on keeping more fish/species in the future when I'm able to support it. As of right now, I keep myself occupied with a website writing guides based off of knowledge/deep research ( Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

If you have any topics you feel I should cover on my website feel free to contact me and I will look into doing so!

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