My ~15 gallon fish tank project

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i might try some neon tetras and if things go south, i'll move them to the other tank. i do plan to make that an Amazonian themed one
If the otos survive until monday, i'll get 4 more. Up until now they seem to do very well. They are not afraid of me and swim all over the tank cleaning stuff. And are very cute.

Captain America sure love his floating plants ring. He's being busy making a nest there.



ok, call me a weirdo but i like how that green algae looks. It gives a very natural look IMO

Did a rescape, remove some wood, rearrange some other wood pieces, trimmed the plants and also bought some more cabomba and myriophyllum, added some Vallisneria Spiralis and a small and cute Pilea cadierei. I think this one primary grows outside of the water, but for 3$ i gave it a try.

Fun fact now i'm very good at planting with tweezers. What i was doing wrong at first: i was afraid that if i grab the plant too hard I'll harm it. Now i just give them a good grab and voila, easy planting.



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