peacock bass

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    Peacock bass sudden death

    Hello , trying to get some information on my peacock bass dying out of no where. I’ve had him about a month in a 55gal with two small Oscar’s and a small arowana . No tension has gone on in the tank it’s been perfectly peaceful. The only thing I checked that was off was the ph it lowered to...
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    Looking for Peacock Bass to put in our 150 bass, bluegill tank... if anyone has ones that are small and want to ship I’d be happy to buy them from you.
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    My Name is Jordan and I'm Addicted to Fishkeeping...

    (Hi Jordan) So it all started a few years ago... My girlfriend and I purchased a 10g tank for our daughter. After 2 months of having that tank, I did some research... and took on the challenge of a 75g saltwater fish tank. Surprisingly the tank did well but I wasn't able to grow coral...