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Maybes having an emergency

Discussion in 'New to the Hobby Questions and Answers' started by guppy78, May 17, 2019.

  1. guppy78

    guppy78 New Member

    May 9, 2019
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    Hi again.

    Im starting to worry atm, Im losing fish rather quickly this last week.
    First, one of my two X Ray Tetras started to lose his balance on monday, I sadly found him dead the following day, the other guy looked perfectly fine untill I noticed the same similarities with his swimming on wednesday morning so I removed him from the tank, put him in a bowl with fresh water and added some tapwater safe solution and crossed my fingers.
    Sadly the following day I found him also dead, again the rest of my fish seemed fine untill I saw the same similarities yet again but this time with my Yellow Tuxedo Guppy, he kept sinking to the bottom of the tank, then trying to swim a little then sinking again, It was heartbreaking to watch as he was quite active and always seemed happy which prompted me to order some API quick start and some API 5in1 testing strips which thankfully arrived today, Im new to fish keeping and googled it could be swim bladder disease (which I tried feeding him cooked peas with skins removed, be he didnt eat anything) or high nitrates in my tank.

    Ive just did some readings of my water which followed:

    GH 180
    KH 80
    PH 7.0
    N02 1 ......(but it looked closer to between 1 and 3)
    N03 40

    Its a 36 litre tank and its been running for around 7 - 8 weeks, but I was treating it for white spot for 8 days which ended last sunday and I didnt do any water changes in that period then stupidly did a 70% change on sunday night (with water safe added) as it looked very dirty which I think has caused my poor fish to die.
    Even after the water change the tank still looks dirty, the water has a yellow tinge to it but I have no live plants in there so I dont think its Tannins or anything, theres also a lot of what looks like algae stuck on the inside of the glass which my guppies seem to like eating.

    My question I guess is, should I remove all the fish, empty the full tank, clean all the glass then rinse all the gravel etc then refill it adding API quick start and tap safe solution and let it cycle for an hour before reintroducing my fish just incase there is some kind of disease circulating in there?
    Or simply do a 20% water change and add the quick start?

    I only have 4 Guppies 1 peacock goby and 1 albino corydoras left (I gave my anglefish/molly/goldfish to a friend as they started to attack my other fish suddenly last week...still not sure why)

    Sorry for such a long post but id rather be safe than sorry, I just feel like a need a new fresh start with fish keeping.

    Thanks a lot :)

  2. Colin_T

    Colin_T Member

    Jan 26, 2008
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    Perth, WA
    If you wash the tank out you will wipe out the filter bacteria and need to cycle the tank again.

    If you have nitrite (NO2) in the water, you have a problem with the filter, and you might have an ammonia (NH3/ NH4) problem too.

    How often do you clean the filter and how do you clean it?

    What did you use to treat the fish for whitespot?

    Post a picture and short 20 second video of the fish.

    If the pictures are too big for the website, set the camera's resolution to its lowest setting and take some more. The lower resolution will make the images smaller and they should fit on this website. Check the pictures on your pc and find a couple that are clear and show the problem, and post them here. Make sure you turn the camera's resolution back up after you have taken the pics otherwise all your pictures will be small.

    If the video is too big for this website, post it on YouTube and copy & paste the link here. We can view it at YouTube. If you are using a mobile phone to take the video, have the phone horizontal so the video takes up the entire screen. If you have the phone vertical, you get video in the middle and black on either side.

    Do a 75% water change and gravel clean the substrate each day until we know what is going on. The big water change will dilute the nitrite and nitrate levels in the water and help dilute any disease organisms in the water.

    Make sure any new water is free of chlorine/ chloramine before it's added to the tank.
  3. guppy78

    guppy78 New Member

    May 9, 2019
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    Oh dear :( sorry Colin I panicked and did a full clean out incase my remaining fish died in the same manner and speed as my last 3.
    Ive just finished doing it and now waiting for the API quick start and tap safe solution to circulate a little before reintroducing the fish. (I made sure the temp of the water matched the water in the bucket where they are atm) which is 75.
    The Quick Start says its for when you set up a brand new tank and can add fish straight away but now im thinking ive misread it.
    I use to clean the filter once every 2-3 weeks, basically just squeezed the water out into the sink, to treat the whitespot I used Lovefish product whitespot and parasite cure. which done the trick, shame I gave the fish away after he was cured : / for been aggressive to my others.

    Ill take another reading tomorrow and post it on here, and the filter im using is this one.

    one guy accuses his of polluting his water, so I'll definately keep an eye on it.

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