Kuhli loaches/pregnant platy

Lady Di

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Sep 16, 2021
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Hi!!! New here, not really new to fish keeping but on this forum 😊.
I am new to live plants tho and do have questions on liquid fertilizer/co2. But I will get to that in a bit lol.
So I was moving 2 female platy (1 clearly pregnant) from my 10 gal to my 55 earlier, I also planned on cleaning the 10 gal after I moved them. I saw both girls swimming around, and pecking left overs off the sand. I moved the Kuhli loach fortress and naturally they went in to a frenzy and doing their little dance across the glass. I looked down and see the pregnant platy laying on the bottom, dead?!?!?! It literally all happened in about 20 seconds. I thought maybe she was pretending or something but she was not!! I am so baffled by this 😔. Could one of the kuhlis hit her in just the right spot and kill her that instantly? Has anyone else had this happen? Thank you for the help!!

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