Is My Balloon Molly Ready To Give Birth

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Aug 28, 2012
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I have a Balloon Molly who I put in isolation 48 hours ago because I thought she was getting ready to drop her babies. No sign of them yet and I'm worried I've put her apart too early and now she'll get stressed.
I've forgotten how to attach pictures, maybe I need to post this first then amend it?
Anyway if I can get a couple of pics up, I'd be grateful if anyone can give me an opinion as to her state of readiness.
You have to upload pics to a photo sharing site, then copy the image code and paste it into here :)
That's a pity, I'm not a member of any photo sharing sites. I managed to attach pics of a sickly gourami some months ago, looks like the rules must have changed.
Yes she certainly is Ash, but I'm anxious to know if she's near enough giving birth to be in the isolation tank where I put her. Am I causing her unnecessary stress by separating her too early?
I'm not experienced enough to know whether she is close enough or not but trust your instinct. If she looks like she's about to pop, go ahead and keep her in there. A few days ago I put my pregnant guppy in isolation when I thought she was close, she had to stay in there for about two or three days but she eventually gave birth. It didn't stress her out enough to deter her from delivering.

Hope this helps! Post some pictures when she pops!
Still no sign of any babies, though earlier she was wiggling rapidly nose down and sort of shivering so maybe that's a sign. This will be her third night in jail but she seems happy enough.
Oddly, earlier on today one of the guppies joined her in the little tank. No idea how it got in, can guppies jump? I imagine it must've noticed some flakes floating on the water when I fed her and fancied some for itself.
I'll definitely post some pics when the big event happens.
day 3 below
Have you ever bred balloon bellies before? I have a few and my one female is huge! But I have no idea when she will be ready to pop. Keeping my fingers crossed for yours!! I've bred guppies before but never mollies. Your girl is very pretty btw!
No Peaches, I've never bred them before, I've never intentionally bred any fish before and this girl just got pregnant without any involvement from me! Nature goes on regardless..........
She's still not given birth and I'm so guilty about her being in the isolation birth tank................ I'll post some more pictures later this evening if she's not a mum by then, and if she is, maybe some wee specks will show somewhere in the picture and she'll be free again. I'll let her know you're an admirer but somehow I don't think she'll be very responsive.
Well yesterday was the 15th day of captivity and she looked no nearer to being a mother than any other day. When I came home she'd escaped from the isolation tank. I'm not going to put her back in. The babies if she has them will have to survive by themselves. I've plenty of plants and they may last a few days, we'll see.
Day 11
Day 16
TBH, she may not even be pregnant. She looks like a regular balloon molly to me. They are little piggies lol She may just be bloated. Try thawing out some frozen peas and remove the skins and feed them to her and that may help. GL!

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