1. Little-Nipper

    Fish medication

    Hi all, I was just wondering if there is a good medication that will knock off every bug in the zoo that is also invertebrate safe? After a severe worm infestation that killed 3 guppies 😪 I have since set up a 35l planted quarantine tank for new and sick fish, running a sponge filter that has...
  2. jeidafei

    Isolated bully Platy not eating and staying very still

    I started keeping tropical livebearers in a tank around two months ago. I now have (some died) 4 guppies (1 female, 3 males), two balloon mollies (pair), two mickey platies (pair) and a yellow moon platy. Let's call him Yellow. Yellow is a big and pretty fellow, but I'm having trouble with him...
  3. A

    Is My Balloon Molly Ready To Give Birth

    I have a Balloon Molly who I put in isolation 48 hours ago because I thought she was getting ready to drop her babies. No sign of them yet and I'm worried I've put her apart too early and now she'll get stressed.   I've forgotten how to attach pictures, maybe I need to post this first then amend...