ballon molly

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  1. J

    Is my Balloon Molly Pregnant or just big?

    Hey everyone, I’ve had this balloon Molly since she was born, she was the fry of a previous generation of fish I had. She has siblings that are much younger than her, you can see one in one of the images. She sleeps at the bottom of the tank with her stomach fully on the ground, and quite often...
  2. U

    Male molly died (due to some unknown reason)

    Hi everyone, My male balloon molly died when I woke up and was about to feed the fishes. Is this because of ammonia burns? I change 50% or more water every week. Or did some other fish attack him? I only have tropical fishes in this tank and there are many hiding spots with plants and...
  3. Dopatri

    Is my Balloon Molly fry suffering?

    Hi, yesterday I discovered my Molly gave birth, I found 4 teeny tiny little fry all hiding together so I scooped them up and put them in their own little hatchery. However, one of them I’ve noticed is struggling to keep afloat. It can swim, but it spends most of the time on the bottom. It’s...
  4. M

    Is my molly fish pregnant?

    I need help. I just added this fish into my tank less then a week ago. She/He seems way larger then our black ballon molly. Please help! If she is when does she need to be put into a separate tank? Anything I need to know?
  5. S

    Is my ballon molly pregnant?

    Heya! I’m a beginner hobbyist and I recently got a 36gal tank. I had 5 guppies before, all female. As expected they had babies so I got a bigger tank. I now have some ghost shrimp, cory catfish (small ones), my guppies, a mystery snail, and a ballon molly. My ballon molly has been acting really...
  6. A

    Is My Balloon Molly Ready To Give Birth

    I have a Balloon Molly who I put in isolation 48 hours ago because I thought she was getting ready to drop her babies. No sign of them yet and I'm worried I've put her apart too early and now she'll get stressed.   I've forgotten how to attach pictures, maybe I need to post this first then amend...