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Jan 9, 2018
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Hi to everyone and thanks to all that take the time to read my introduction. I love my fish. I'm a 38 yr old woman that could care less about fish until I met my boyfriend 4 yrs ago and he's been fish keeping since teenage yrs. Shortly after moving in with him, an unfortunate heater failure left an empty tank and he hung his fish keeping hat up....until we found a 50 gallon tank on letgo for dirt cheap about a year ago and that's all it took, his passion was back and I was hooked. We now have 3 tanks and getting a new one this weekend. Our 55 gallon has 10 bloodfin tetras, 6 serpae tetras, 2 dwarf guarami, a male blue ram (his female died recently), a male gold ram, 2 boesamani rainbowfish, a pencilfish and school of Cory's and 2 dwarf plecos, our 20 gallon has a bonded pair gold rams, 5 boesamani rainbowfish (that will move to big tank when a little bigger) a dwarf guarami and otos. Our medical tank is currently a prison tank for our other gold male ram that doesn't like anybody (he'll be going in the tank we are setting up this weekend). We have planted tanks and our plants are thriving. We do natural style tanks and my boyfriend is going to do an authentic South American style tank soon. I talk to my fish, I take pics/videos and make my co-workers watch them and talk about them all the time. They are all the kids I need or want. I would of never thought I'd turn into a crazy fish lady but I have and I absolutely love it. I'm glad he introduced me to it and that we can enjoy it together. Other than loving my fish, I work full-time running front of the house (dining area) of a local restaurant and enjoy reading, sports and tending to my plants. I'm pretty boring and am quite happy with that. I look forward to learning and interacting with everyone.

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