If you generalize a little... what kind of fish do you like???

I love biotope aquariums (although my tank isn’t one), and I love having fish that can breed. I generally like Asian fish better than Amazon (loaches>plecos; danios/rasboras/barbs>tetras; shrimp>absence of shrimp), but the SA dwarf cichlids, especially Apistos, have grown on me a lot. I also have an interest in weird livebearers, but it’s hard to find other Central American fish to put in a biotope with them except big cichlids. My current tank has platys and limia (CA), zebra danios and cherry shrimp (Asia), and otos and Pygmy Cories (SA), so not a biotope by any means. I would love to one day have a tank with an Apistogramma (single male or breeding pair) and pencils or neons.

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