Help Stop The Government Selling Off Our Forests!

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Fish Crazy
May 4, 2008
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Cheshire, UK
Hey guys, it's a really depressive topic but the government have now revealed plans to sell off all of the Forestry Commission land in England to the private sector to bring in more money. It's a ridiculous, pathetic idea and there is already huge opposition to the plans from the media and general public. However, the government and David Cameron have got money embedded into their eyes and they could still get away with it- so let's act. I'm doing my best to spread the word, so here's a link to a petition you should all join (and tell your friends/family and facebook too):

Why not email David Cameron with your thoughts too?
[email protected]

Thanks guys. Spread the word!
Signed :)
Thanks for linking this- I had no idea they wanted to do this D:
Signed :)
Thanks for linking this- I had no idea they wanted to do this D:
Thanks for signing! It's getting more popular, all over the media now and will be in the major newspapers this weekend to make sure people who don't already know do. The 'good' news is I've been emailing the House of Lords and they all seem to be against the plans.
Spread the word!
Just thought I'd stick this here :D

Looks like they actually listened to the public for once ^^

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