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  • Hey, thanks for the comment on your ideal fish tank. We seem to have the same thoughts about the improvements that can be made on a Fluval Chi. I am currently working on that as my final year project. It would be much appreciated if you could be my client on this project to provide some regular feedbacks through e-mail? My e-mail is, mobile is 078 5632 1783 Thanks, Olivia x
    Hey, Thanks for posting on the thread i started. I was wondering how big you think 'normal' mollys grow if the sailfin ones grow up to 4inch. Also how large do the balloon mollys get to?
    I am keen to get kuhli loach too. I see you have a few - i take it they do not take up much space as they are small and hide most of the time?
    Thats a lovely and natural looking aquarium you have there. Sorry to hear about your friend and his poor fish. At least he knows not to go there for advice again. Oh hello.
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