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Forum really slow to load pages and posting responses.

This is still an issue. it's driving me up the wall. I can view other websites and they load up reasonably quickly but this forum is doing my head in. Just trying to load this page I had to try 3 times and it wouldn't load up. I got the same thing as post 25, "waiting for logger addthrive.com".

Sometimes the site loads quickly but other times it is slow as all blank and it sometimes just won't load. If I am going through pages and starting/ loading new posts up regularly, it seems to be fine. But if I stop for a few minutes to type up a response, that's when it seems to freeze up and not do anything. Then I have to wait a few minutes until it times out and then try again.
As a quasi-geek, have you tried the following?:

  • Restarting you browser
  • Deleting your cookies for TFF
  • Rebooting your computer
  • Restarting your router
if you think that is the problem you should try to disable third party cookies and scripts or install some sort of privacy content blocker extension for your browser
an extension like ublock origin can allow you to block specific things from loading (such as adthrive)
if you're using firefox: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ublock-origin/
What are the specs of the computer you are using? be sure to delete cache occasionally. Close all tabs and browser. Shut down computer and restart it.

What is the internet speed in mb/sec?

Consider buying a quality chromebook such as the one I have... HP Chromebook x360 :14c-cc0013dx . It starts up in seconds and never bogs down due to 8GB ram and an I3 intel processor.
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read this article on how to test internet speed in Australia.
If I go Incognito, I have no problem until I log in with my username.
I'd suggest it is something to do with the User Registry profile between the user and the website.
the best thing to do is either delete user profile or uninstall and re-install Chrome (or whatever u use).
It happens when I use Microsoft Edge (latest version) and it contains an add blocker. It also happens when I use Mozilla Firefox (latest version) and it doesn't have an add blocker. The settings are different on both browsers. MS Edge has much higher security settings than Firefox. If I can't load a webpage on MS Edge, I try it on Firefox and it normally works on that.

I have checked internet speed. My speed when using the mobile phone as my modem (USB Tethering) is pathetic but when I use free wifi from the hardware or Maccas, it is really fast. The website is slow to load regardless of if I am using the free wifi or my phone as the modem.

I have deleted history and shut down the laptop and rebooted it and the problem still occurs. No other programs are open when I have the web browser open so the bandwidth is not being taken by another program.

My laptop is fast enough to play computer games and is a 2 yr old Acer Aspire with an I7 chip and the cpu has auto clocking and can run up to 4.2GH? I think it is. It's pretty quick and never had a problem with the website earlier last year. I don't have problems on other websites or forums either, they load up faster than this forum. This forum just seems to get stuck and doesn't want to load the page. Then after I try refreshing a couple of times, it suddenly loads up fine.
your computer specs to appear to be good.... I prefer chromebooks as I mainly do web browsing, email, etc and chromebooks don't have the bloatware of a windows computer. From a complete shutdown of the chromebook to full startup, it takes maybe 5 seconds at most...a windows computer will take much longer and windows updates bog down a windows computer too. Updates on chromebooks are not even noticeable.
I do have some issues with our site loading when using my very old iphone 6s plus but I would probably have a better experience with a newer iphone...at least an iphone 11 or newer.

My router internet speed is over 100 mbps. What is your internet speed at a free wifi location and via your phone service?
Got not to do w/ speed.
Its a privacy mode update causing incompatibility issues,
and before anyone says but I use ... its not exclusive to Chrome

a windows computer will take much longer and windows updates bog down a windows computer too.
I have updates turned off and am on a metered connection to minimise microsofty's crap updates that ruin computers. the only updates are virus scanner/ firewall and essential updates but I get to download them and install them when I choose. I do that at Maccas.
So do a speed test for internet speed
I will next time I'm at Maccas. using my phone now coz I am still half asleep.
Just took a screenshot after it didn't want to load. I ran a windows diagnostic.
fish forum bug 2022 6jan page not loading.jpg
Have you read what I said earlier about not having issue when in Incognito mode ?
Done with this now.

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