Fish Keeping & Pregnancy?

How did these women give birth to such large babies? My grandmother said she was in labour for 2 days and almost died delivering my father. Unusually for 1923 there was a doctor in attendance when he was finally born, the doctor threw my father to the bottom of the bed and told the midwife they needed to save the mother. The thinking back in 1923 was that a widowed man with couldn't cope with a new born and if the baby died the mother could go on to have more babies so save the mother at the expense of the baby. The doctor got things under control so the midwife asked if she could see to the baby, and he too made it. My grandmother then had several miscarriages before finally having my uncle and aunt 9 and 14 years later.
I don't think there would have been any more if that had been me.

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