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I'm from Hull, so our local delicacy is a patty butty with chips. Thats a deep fried herb and potato cake in a bread bun with chip shop chips for the holly trinity that is triple carbs. The classic seasoning is just salt and vinegar but some people go for curry sauce, or sometimes mushy peas as the healthy option.
I'd have to say the most famous of foods for our region would have to be the Lincolnshire sausage...served with mashed potatoes, peas and onion gravy 😋
In the Teesside area of north east England it's a parmo, once called a parmesan until the Italian cheese makers complained to the EU which made us ban the word. Since everyone called them parmos anyway it made no difference.

A chicken or sometimes pork fillet covered with breadcrumbs topped with bechemel sauce and a lot of cheese. Condemned by outsiders for its cholesterol content.

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