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It’s always hard for me as well, but then I take a moment, reset, and think about the well fare of my fish.
Absolutely, the fish always come first. In this case it was made harder by the fact I have three tanks that could of housed them without issues.

I have just put a tank together specifically for apistos, so I'm just waiting for it to cycle and the plants to mature a little. The last time I did this I stocked it before I took the apistos, so I'm really trying to be good this time.
I used what must be the worst handsaw ever (to be fair, I got it at the dollar store), to saw the main branchy piece off and got it into the 55 gallon. Took about 15 min to saw it off, and almost 2 hours to get it into the tank. Since the 55 is an acrylic tank, the whole top isn't open. But after some being of branches and snapping of twigs, I got it in. Not sure I will ever be able to get it out.

The gourami love it though! And the harlequins have been weaving through it.


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