Engineer Goby

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Aug 22, 2006
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Rochester, New York
Common Name/s - Convict Goby, Convict Worm Blenny

Scientific Name - Pholidichthys Leucotaenia

Family - Pholidichthyidae

Origin - Indo-Pacific Ocean from the Philippines to Australia to the Marshall Islands

Maximum Size - 12"

Care - The engineer goby is a very hardy fish that is not prone to contract common diseases and is not easily affected by un-ideal conditions. A thick sand bed is to be used and any live rock in the tank needs to be stacked solidly on the tank bottom before substrate is added, as gobies will clear out large portions of the underlying sand of the rock, which could lead to rockscaping collapses. A minimum tank size is 75G US and as they are social creatures, a group of gobies can be introduced together. As said though, they should be introduced together as aggression could ensue. If more than two are introduced, tanks larger than 75G US should looked into due to the size of the species.

Feeding - Engineer gobies are carnivores and appreciate a diet of mysis, brine and other meaty foods. I have read stories of older gobies going for ornamental shrimps so be fore warned if your peppermint or other species of shrimp disappear.

Sexing - little to no difference in sexes besides females slightly larger with a fuller mid section (belly)

Breeding - life spans are short, usually 3-4 years, so breeding occurs only a few times after maturity

Interesting Fact - Like many angels, the juvenile and adult engineer goby have different color patterning. The juvenile has horizontal white stripes on a black background, while the mature adult will have vertical white stripes along its body over a black background.


Mature Adult:

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