EMERGENCY regarding my Hermit Crab!!!

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Mar 6, 2022
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None of your beeswax!
So, I have had two purple pincher hermit crabs for about three years. I found the larger one passed away this morning and the smaller one is already looking depressed. I'm not really in a position to get another one so I need to find my lonely little guy Cherry a new home asap.

Does anyone know a good place to look for a new home for him, or is anyone looking to get hermit crabs or already has some that could take him? I wouldn't charge much and I would ship. I do have his complete setup as well...
The BAND ap is useful for finding groups in your area (this site in international, so not likely to be useful for finding someone I'm afraid!) but the hermit crap association listed above seems ideal for finding someone with experience that can find a great home, hopefully! Good luck!
I was spanning a massive search area on Craigslist and found him a home! This will be one of their first crabs. They are getting another repair so they will have three. Captain Hook, Strawberry, and my boy Cherry. They have a 95-gallon crabitat with all the bells and whistles. I'll be shipping the little guy out on Monday!

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