Emerald Cichlid/chocolate Cichlid


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Feb 15, 2006
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Common Name: Emerald Cichlid, Rio Negro Chocolate Cichlid

Scientific Name: Hypselecara temporalis

Family: Cichlidae

Origin: South America

Maximum Size: up to 30 cm/ 12 inches

Care: This cichlid is one of the larger less aggressive species. It has many of the characteristics of the oscar and is just as intelligent. Keep them with other large South American cichlids that arent overly aggressive. If they are given a large enough tank they will make great companions for oscars. If excessively shy, dither fish have helped them With good care they have reported to live up to 10 years.

Feeding: This cichlid will eat anything and everything: bloodworms, live fish, cichlid pellets and sticks, even frozen cockle and shrimp. They have a very big appetite and like oscars tend to foul the water so good filtration is a must.

Sexing: Both males and females get nuchal humps and sexing can only really be done when two fish are in the process of spawning and pair off.



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