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Electric Blue Hermit Crab

Discussion in 'Saltwater Invertebrates' started by lljdma06, Nov 30, 2011.

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    Common name/s: Electric Blue Hermit Crab, Blue-knuckle hermit crab

    Scientific name: Calcinus elegans

    Family: Diogenidae

    Origin: Indo-Pacific

    Maximum size: Up to 2"

    Minimum tank size: Acceptable for nano and pico tanks, but be aware that they get larger than blue-legs and scarlet hermits.

    Care: This hermit crab is not as docile as the scarlet hermit, but is still considered reef safe. It can be a bit clumsy and knock corals down because of its larger size. As with all hermit crabs, they must be provided with extra empty shells, to "trade up to" as they molt and grow larger. They will eventually require shells roughly 2" in diameter. Don't overstock hermit crabs as they will fight amongst themselves, attack snails, and eat polyps if not fed. They are sensitive to the presence of copper in the water and to changes in water parameters.

    Feeding:This hermit crab is an omnivore and an opportunistic feeder. Once a tank lacks sufficient algae growth, they'll turn to other food sources. They take pellets (both meat and vegetable), frozen mysis, brine, nori flakes. It may kill snails for food and for their shell if underfed.

    Sexing & breeding: Males and females have a similar look and size. Fry are difficult to keep a live in the home aquarium.

    EDIT: Will take a better photo.



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