Dead bunny

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Neptune, god of the Sea
Aug 7, 2004
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My brother's holland lop died today at the animal hospital after a long and paiful ordeal involving some nasty diarrhea. poor Flopsy. You will be sorely missed. :byebye: :-( . I know this has nothing to do with fish, but... WAAAAH! SHE WAS SO CUTE AND SO CUDDLY!
:sad: I'm so sorry to hear that David! Do you have any pictures of her? :rip: Floppy :angel:

:-( Today is a sad day for me too. Mandy (my little Balloon molly in my avatar) would be 9 months old today if she was still alive. :rip: Mandy (November 17, 2003 - June 2, 2004)
Awwww. No I don't unfortunately, as we only had her for 3 days before she got sick. The stupid pet store told us she was healthy. We didn't really have time to take pictures. Anyways I'm really sorry for your loss too. :-(
sounds like bloat which causes the rabbit's stomach to go hard and they get diarrhoea - in which case it could have been healthy at the pet shop as it comes on quick - we see it a lot at the pet shop where I work but we can usually save the rabbits with intensive nursing.

Im sorry for your loss - I hate losing a pet, no matter how long Ive had it.

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