Shrimp went missing...

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Apr 10, 2023
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Peterborough UK
2 weeks ago a guy on e bay sold me 10 blue shrimp. they didn't arrive so he sent some more. (I assumed the first lot were returned to him) anyway, fast forward 2 weeks and today I got a ticket about not enough postage on a letter so i went to pay it at the main post office and she held out this parcel labelled live animals and I thought ewww i dread to think what it looks/smells like after 2 weeks, but decided just in case one was still alive in there I would pay and take it home ( i wasnt allowed to open it first) so, I opened it and inside was 2 dead shrimps and 2 shrimps one was bigger than i was expecting! 7 were missing and lots of red poops in the bag! i am currently giving them the slowest drip to acclimatise them to my tank. I cant help but think they are tough little guys though and it wouldn't surprise me if they had tattoo's and a motorbike!! sad that 9 died but fingers crossed for these two. live animals parcel.jpg2 shrimp in bag.jpg
Didn't the seller realise a package that thick would need to go as a letter packet rather than a large letter 😲
my thoughts exactly! I paid for evri delivery thinking i am always available for the evri guy and he knows to knock loud etc.. . but anyway, I think I will still message the seller, not to claim my £3.50 back but hopefully it wont be a mistake he repeats . I just feel sorry for the poor little guys . hopefully these along with the ones already in my tank start to breed so I don't need to make anymore shrimps do the postage journey x
When I've bought shrimps from eBay they've been packed like fish, in a bag inside a box. And sent by the proper postage. What that seller did is just wrong.
🤢😭 oh man...terrible service! 0 stars! 🧐 I hope you left him a scathing review??

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