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Chilli Lasagne


May 5, 2006
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Hi all! :D

Thought I'd share one of my creations with you all. The hubby loves this one. It's really simple, just 2 meals rolled into one, but very tasty.

Basically, it's lasagne, using chilli con carne instead of normal tomatoes with the mince. Just make a chilli con carne and then layer it up into a lasagne.

Make your chilli con carne - everyone makes chilli different so I'll leave that to you on how you do it.
Tasty tip - when you brown off the mince, crumble a couple of beef oxo's over it, tastes really good.

As you make the lasagne layers, put some grated cheese over the white sauce layer or sprinkle some parmesan cheese on.

On the top layer, after covering with grated cheese, break up and sprinkle some plain tortillas over the top and you get a lovely crunchy top to it.

Andvoila! You have yourself a lovely chilli lasange! I only made this because my hubby loves lasange, but I'm not a huge fan, so wanted to make it a bit more exciting.