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  • aww man thats a shame!! who took them? a 7ft tank!! fuk sake man, wish i was allowed one of them!
    alrite dude did u go to rutherglen the day? bad news about our beloved Gers man! the filth will be having a field day!!
    well still got one but hardly see it, was down today tho to pick up my mail n the fish are sound :)
    lol see what happens, kinda enjoyin the stress free single life n bein at my parents again haha!
    lol if only it were tht easy mate, goin out to dinner saturday to talk bout shlt.. duno what a want to happen tho, do wana be wi her sometimes but duno if its worth all the hassle lol
    tht sucks dude, are ur parameters ok? wish i had my tank set up! need to sort #105### out man, fed up no knowin whats going on
    aye it sounds strange man, especially seein as its jst one of them, he was saying the stuff rubs off it, wonder if thats the scales coming away or sumfin.. hopefully its nothing serious, hes already had a fatality this week!!
    aye i checked out ur discus pics, looking good mate!! euan was sayin his dollars have went all weird :S no havin much luck is he?
    haha aye prob be best doing that, get it clean in all the nooks n crannies, prb best to do that then soak them in tank water for a bit id have thought. hows fern & the bambina?
    aye he was saying that he came n got them, says theyre a bit freaked out but im sure theyll be sound in a day or two. u gona give the sev tank a gutting then? u got new bulbs yet? u hear about johan's plec? well pish it seemed sound yesterday when i saw it, swimmin about as normal looking happy & healthy
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