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Jul 2, 2020
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Iv decided, next week I’m going to start turning my tank into an Orinoco river basin biotope, most of my stocking is of that area so figured it would be a simple swap
Current stocking is
2x keyhole cichlids
2x green severum
3x electric blue acara
8x Colombian Redfin tetra
10x bronzed corydora
I know the Colombian tetra have to go
My cichlids I’m sure can be found there ,
For ease I’m just going to class my electric blue acara as standard blue acara , I know it’s not the same thing but owel
My Cory group ? Couldn’t find any information on weather they can be found in the Orinoco river basin, I’d rather not change them but some info on there origins would be helpful ,
I’m currently using cheap sand , I don’t want to have to change it as there’s 60+ kg of sand in there so my plan was to scatter almond leaves and broken branches across the substrate, after finding that the only almond leaves I can buy are Indian , I need a replacement if anybody has any ideas ,
Il be going for mild to moderate tannins Iv decided to use roobios tea to achieve the tannins as it seems cheap and effective
Iv been battling plants for a while now with my severum eating almost everything even stripping hornwort to just stems but I have some swords left that are growing nicely so I was thinking of keeping plants lowish and big with the hard scape , I will be buying some frogbit see how they do but I’m not hopeful ,

with scaling down the plants and reducing light with tannins my new stocking plan would be
2x key holes
3x electric blue acara
1x severum
Hopefully keep my corys
5x red hook silver dollars
Any thought ?

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