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Mar 19, 2008
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It's been a long time since I have been on this sight I have a lot more than just fish going on in my world now.

I just took in a Crested Gecko from a family member that pasted away. This is my first reptile that is mine. I have looked after many years ago for a person but this is my little Gecko. Her name is Sandy. She was neglected for almost a year her owner fought Pancreatic cancer for 9 months. SO during that 9 months I don't think this little girl just much love.

I am working on bringing her health back up. She was left pretty dry so she has some shedding problems at the moment. I am keeping her well misted she is doing better already. Any pointers or info you would like to share about keeping Crested Geckos I would be happy to hear about them. I have only had Sandy for 4 days.

VID_112121222_164927 by Sarah Ireland, on Flickr

I am working on a new home for her too. she is in a 12x12x18. She new one will be 12x16x24 its a converted 20 gal tall aquarium.


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