Angelfish Fry Not Swimming?

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Nov 22, 2007
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Essex, england
so my angels laid eggs but this time i left them in the main tank to see if they would be reared by parents. this did not happen most the eggs got eaten but i salvaged a few survivers they are in a breeding chamber and are at the fry stage. they waggle the tail but wont come off the bottom or swim properly yet. is this normal. egg sac appears to be all gone. advice please.
How long have they been "wigglers"?
It can take 5-7 days from the time they are becoming wigglers until they start taking leaps/first little swims around their container.
woke up today and they are free swimming, yay! up the temp to 80 so maybe that helped. i am feeding them liquifry anf think they are eating it. any advice anyone?
Are they in the parent's tank or their own tank?

Feed 3x a day and do daily partial water changes.

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