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A Victory For The Funfair Goldfish.

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Mar 12, 2014
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I have had some success regarding- http://www.fishforums.net/index.php?/topic/433768-fair-ground-fish/
I wrote quite an articulate, polite and well present email to many people out lining the proper way to keep gold fish, the legislation regarding using fish as prizes and also a slight threat to report them to the local paper letting them know that the carnival and council think animal crulety is ok as long as there's profit.

I must of touched a heart string some where as I received an email from the council pointing me to the right people to speak to. I didn't think id get a response so quickly but I did this morning :) it basically said that the fair is an external fair that they hire and they are sorry that I would think they would allow animal cruelty and after viewing the photos and speaking to the council they are not going to use gold fish as prizes at Prestwich fair in the future.

Hopefully the demand for goldfish at fairs will deminish to the point that there are no more goldfish prizes. Feeling quite chuffed with myself :) thanks to Star4, ch4rlie and Shelster for your help :)
Well done, Nic! Excellent result. Do you know where the fair is setting up next?
I don't no, the carnival said they just hire the same fair each time, and they are only there twice in a year. I did ask what the company was called but I didn't get an answer.
This is the first time I've seen fish at a fair in Manchester but hopefully word would of got to them already and they rethink the whole thing....
Yeah, hopefully, but I'm getting a bit cynical in my old age......
Well, I've just got a response from showmens guild of Great Britain, they have my email and said that they are going to have a meeting first week of July to discuss my concerns.
Hopefully something more will be done..... You got to be a bit more optimistic :)
Well done Nic  

It is a step in the right direction, if more councils receive complaints about goldfish in poor conditions the more will ban these fairgrounds that use them as prizes and go with other fairgrounds that dont. Although it is not illegal to give them away as prizes it is upto the local council to issue the permits for a fairground.
This link is very helpful with information on how to make a complaint concerning fish welfare :)
The grey area with fish as prizes is fish shops, fairgrounds can hold fish in "tanks" (plastic buckets also count :() and bag them as a shop would, however once the "prize" has been handed over the responsibility of the fish is also handed over to the "winner". If that person then decided to take their goldfish on the dodgems, ghost train etc there is not a lot the fairground owners can do about it. This is where the RSPCA should be patrolling fairgrounds to advice and stop people doing this.
That's excellent going Nic :)

Very pleased indeed that at least the council responded quickly and with appropriate reply.

Very well done.

Let us all take a lesson from this, take pics and report these practices just as Nic did. There is hope that this can be stopped altogether one day. :)
Excellent job!  I wish I knew about this a bit back when I went to the Morden Country fair and saw people walking around with goldfish as prizes.  Could you put up some links to information so people can use this in the future when we see this type of thing happening?
That's a good idea, the first thing I did was call the RSPCA, they are quite busy so you can also leave an online message, I did both.

Then I contacted the local council of that particular park ithe carnival was on. I sent them an email so they have a reference point also.

Next I contacted the showmens guild of GB, they are an organisation who support travelling showmen of funfairs and carnivals , make sure you show them pictures and write down as much info as you can. Go on to links and find your area then contact them, and also send one to the central office.
Link: http://www.showmensguild.co.uk

Lastly, find out the name of the carnival and email them directly with photographic evidence, be polite but forceful. Obviously there are different links to different areas but the main two are there. I would also email rather than call so you have written evidence.

Star4 put up a good link that you can have a read through also.
I think this thread should be pinned so others can report fish in poor conditions. Reporting poor quality shops to the council also gets results.
I had a very similar issues a couple years ago, i started a complaint but never followed through with it to this extent.
Well done for having the determination to go as far as you have with the complaint.
I actually got an email yesterday from the carnival expressing that they were unaware of the 'animal cruelty' as they put it, and have taken every measure to correct it for the future :)
Apparently they was not aware of it and try always try to uphold superb care with animals across the carnival.... Anyway, they are having another meeting about it... I'm getting the conclusion back once these many meeting have been had :/

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