850l Discus set up

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I got 4 more discus on Friday to make it 9. I'm far too impulsive as I planned to do a one type shoal but I have got LFS different colours! I shall get some wild looking Red Alanquers and get it to about 15 and potentially thin out as they grow

I also got a small Panaque royal plec that looked stunning and a bargain in my local shop

Pics to follow
The first two discus I got in Feb I think now or late January spawned on Friday. Eggs looked viable but I have done my water change today and cant see them anymore. I am not looking to breed as I did that in the past with these

I added as well a couple of weeks back a bucket of fish I was given which included about 50 cardinals, some rummys
The first few batches of discus (or angelfish) eggs usually gets eaten due to inexperienced parents. Eventually they work it out. There's always a market for parent raised discus, you can sue the money to buy more tanks :)

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