tiger barbs

  1. SteakNShrimp

    Tiger Barb Questions

    So I have a few questions about Tiger Barbs. What variants are there and are they natural, or have they been dyed or something? I know of the - Regular Tiger Barb - Albino Tiger Barb - Green Tiger Barb - Long Finned Tiger Barb - StrawBerry Tiger Barb - Platinum Green Tiger Barb
  2. M

    BGK + Tiger Barbs + Bristlenose??

    I just got a new 43 gallon tank and i have a small bgk (12cm) in it at the moment. If i add 3 bristlenose plecos and 10 tiger barbs, will i have a problem with aggression from any of the fish? Thanks if you guys have an answer.
  3. M

    Green tiger barbs turning black and swimming in place

    I have four tiger barbs in a 15 gallon tank and I know I should have more in a bigger tank which I tried to do by buying a tank yesterday getting told it was a 30 gallon which was just 15 but anyways I transferred them into there and they seemed to be loving it but just I just noticed that...
  4. M

    Tiger barbs turning white over night

    So I adopted 4 tiger barbs and when I got them they where very stressed and dark but they soon got their color and became happy. But yesterday I I got the brine shrimp and I don't know if that has anything to do with this but when I got up this morning and turned their light on 3 of them where...
  5. G

    Green Tiger Barbs

    Hi I have 8 green tiger barbs in a 150 litre tank, they are the only fish in the tank and it has been cycled. One of them, the largest, and I believe female (red nose), is relentlessly chasing the others. She'll chase one and then as soon as she loses it, chase another. All day long. There's...
  6. Fiji

    55 Gallon Re-stocking 2.0

    Hey everyone. So long story short the rest of my rainbowfish have recently passed from a unidentifiable disease which has not affected the other fish in my tank to my knowledge. The current stock at the moment is: 2 juv. clown loaches, 1 bn pleco, 1 synodontis, 1 Siamese algae eater (NOT...
  7. S


    Hi All I have 1x Male FM which is around 4 1/2 in a 200 Litre - 45 Gallon tank. Would it be OK to add smaller FM into the tank? I was also looking at adding another Cichlids species but looks to be a lot of mixed reviews. Anyone offer any good tips? I was advised Blood Parrot would be OK with...
  8. Chippers255

    Only My Tiger Barbs are Dying?

    As the title suggests I have a community tank but only my Tiger Barbs are dying. I woke up this morning and everything seemed fine, an hour later 2 were dead, 1 died this afternoon, and 1 died this evening. Does anybody have any idea what could affect my tiger barbs only? So you have a bit of...
  9. J

    Tiger Barbs

    Recently got into fish keeping after many years since i was a child, i have set up a 20 gallon semi-aggressive community tank. So far i have 2 japanese algae shrimp, 1 Ghost shrimp, the 3 tiger barbs which are the fish that i am worried about due to lack of color and what seems like rapid...
  10. C

    Tiger Barb Sex Identification?

    Hey everyone, I'm new not only to here, but also to keeping tiger barbs! I know about the red nose is male and very round is female, but my tiger barbs are showing some signs of both. One of them is obviously female because she's very round, i think she may be carrying eggs, but the other two...
  11. D

    New 20 Gallon Need Help!

    ok so i just got a new 20 gallon tank. And i want to put tiger barbs in it. How many tigers can i put in and what other fish could be compatible with them? also i wanted to add some red cherry shrimp will the barbs eat them?
  12. T

    The Joys Of Pet Store Salesman (New Fish Help)

    Hello,    6 days ago I set up a 10 gallon tank and have been letting it naturally cycle. I decided today to go to my local pet store and check out some fish. The owner was there and was very informative and helpful... or so I thought. By the end of my visit he convinced me that fish-in cycle is...
  13. S

    Tigers And Rainbows?

    Just got a 55 that came with 2 big fat tiger barbs, 1 blue gourami, and a pleco. They all seem to get along even though I read there should be at least 7 barbs. Can I try rainbows with them? Should I get more barbs first? Also liked the look of diamond tetras... What would you do?
  14. argoma

    Tiger Barb Tank Mates

    Hello everyone, I'm getting a new tank for christmas, a 15 gallon, and today I went to the pet store and saw this beautiful Tiger Barbs and I thought I have to have some of those, they are so gorgeous. So I was wondering if I can house any Tiger Bars in there and if so, how many and possible...
  15. AshleyT

    Just A Quick Question

    Hello people not been on here in a while but I was just woundering if anyone knowss about the chances of them gettin pregnent, 2 of them are beening really strong in coulor an the other not so much an gettin chased by the other 2 an has a rather large belly