stocking 29gallon

  1. Annemarie

    29 Gallon stocking

    I know I’ve done a few of these regarding fish that would be okay but I’ve finally decided what I really want. I was thinking... 1: Pearl gourami 1: electric blue ram 3: Albino cherry barb 3: Cherry barb 5: Kuhli Loaches 4-5: Emperor tetras 4-5: neon tetras 1: Diamond Head Neon Tetra I...
  2. nixie_myth

    Stocking A 29 Freshwater Tank

    I have a Cycled 29 Gallon Aquarium, I'm looking for something to put in it. My original idea was Loaches but my local supply is not very healthy. Doesn't really matter if its a schooling fish or a show. Just want something pretty that is relatively easy to care for.
  3. A

    Tank Stocking Aggression Issues & Fish ID help?

    Hi All, Tried my hand at salt water fish a few years back and let's just say I'm better off here LOL! Any how, I've had my 29g Biocube running for about 2 months now (recycled from the saltwater experience) About a month ago I stopped at Petsmart and bought some cheap fish in case any died in...
  4. NorthEastFisherman

    29G Stocking Plan W/ Picture

    Hey everyone, some of you may remember my old stocking plan and this ones pretty similar but i changed out a few fish. Tell me what you think. Here's my list: What i have so far: -1 Gold Gourami (4'') -1 Rainbow Shark (4'') -1 Bolivian Ram (2'') -1 Neon Tetra (1'') -1 Glowlight Tetra (1'') -1...