stock suggestions

  1. ember04

    16 gallon or 62 stocking ideas

    Hi there I have an old 16-gallon tank (it is 62 litres), I have had the tank for years now and used to keep many different fish species in it, but for the last year and a half, it has been sitting empty in my loft. I have now considered filling it back up and resetting it up. I have kept many...
  2. Guyb93

    Final stocking

    I’m looking to finish my stocking , currently in my tabk is 4 electric blue acara 8 Colombian tetra 3 geophagus and a sailfin pleco kept in a 5ft 500l at around 26-27c , my middle swim is full so iv been looking towards the bottom swim rather than the top , I’m pretty adamant that I’m staying...
  3. Captain holt

    Oscar stocking ideas

    Hey guys I’ve recently upgraded to an 8ft x 2ft tank for my two oscars and one fire mouth. Currently using two canister filters; 1800L p/h and 2200L p/h. Fine black gravel substrate and planted with blue stricta. I’m wanting a little advice on some stocking ideas. I was thinking a Senegal bichir...
  4. S

    Stocking questions for my first fully planned out tank

    I've been keeping tropical fish for a few months now (almost a year if you count my late rescue betta Snowcone). I currently only have a heavily planted 10 gallon freshwater tank with 6 Ruby Tetras, 3 Otos, a Mystery Snail and some Neocardinia shrimp. This tank is going well and I am just...
  5. HoldenOn

    Gourami Stocking Options

    Hey all! As some of you may know I just got my 29 gallon tank set up. I am doing a silent cycle, and want to get a finalized list of fish. I would really like to get a group of gourami. My general hardness is 175 ppm and I have a 7.6-7.8 pH. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Edit: My tank...
  6. E

    Help on stocking

    Hi guys, I posted a while back with some of usual beginner problems, mainly getting myself into a (major) mini cycle. The advise I received here really helped getting everything back under control. Now, with my cycle finally over I am looking at finalising my stocking ideas. I have a 10 and a...
  7. redpanda

    A species only 60L tank

    I recently got 6 pygmy copycats for my big tank and when they were in a qt tank by themselves I fell even more in love lol. But now they are in the big tank with platys swordtail and bronze Cory's, I don't see them shoaling like they did as much. They're behaving fine, not seeming scared of the...
  8. B

    Best species for a new 38 gal freshwater tank?

    Hello! I am new to the forum and hoping to get advice on a few good species to stock a freshwater 38 gallon tank. The tank is 36 inches long and 12 inches wide, 20 inches in height. I am in the process of setting up the tank, it's completely empty right now so I can build the substrate/decor...
  9. S

    Electric blue acara tank mates

    Currently have a pair of electric blue acara in a 45 gallon tank w plentiful cover from driftwood, rocks, and plants. Any suggestions as to compatible schooling fish, or another companion that isn’t equally eye catching ? Thought about firemouth and severnum but they’re definitely too large...
  10. S

    Stocking Advice for 75 gallon

    Hey guys, I have a 75 gallon tank which I want to use for a South American Cichlid tank. I’m debating on keeping 2 electric blue acara, a jack Dempsey, and a firemouth / green terror together. Would this be doable, or would there be constant fighting and unnecessarily territorial behavior? Don’t...
  11. D

    Rainbow shark in a 40 gallon

    Would a rainbow shark be fine in a 40 gallon breeder, if so what else could I house it with and in what quantities?
  12. EndlessFlame

    Stocking Advise - 75g

    Hello! I have a 75g tank and I’m having trouble deciding how to finish stocking it. Here’s what I have in the tank so far: 6 x mollies 3 x dwarf gouramis Planning on 6+ cory catfish I’m working on having the tank moderately planted. For additional fish I’m looking for something with variety...
  13. FishFinatic77

    What else?

    Hi everyone! So, I'm going to be moving the fish in my 10g community tank to a 20g high. At the moment, I have 4 herlequin rasboras, 4 cherry barbs, 1 baby honey gourami, and 1 young clown pleco. Once I add them to their new tank, I would like to add a few more fish with low bio-loads so I...
  14. L

    Help stocking first aquarium

    Hi all, I’m new to the hobby and have been doing a lot a of research. I have just set up my new aquarium and am currently running the first cycle. My question is with regards to what fish I can keep. I have 230l tank (picture attached). I am getting overwhelmed by the different types of fish...
  15. M

    Rope fish Tankmates!?

    I plan to get a 75 Gallon tank in the FAR future, but I am absolutely determined to get rope fish for the tank. However, despite being peaceful, these guys like their midnight snacks, so small tankmates are out of the question. Could I get some suggestions for tank mates? I'd like 1xBig Fish+X...
  16. J

    40 gallon breeder tropical community tank stocking ideas

    I as of right now, have a 10 gallon aquarium with 10 neon tetras, 4 albino Cory cats, a betta, and a mystery snail. I am planning on moving them into a 40 gallon breeder ASAP and am looking for some ideas of other live stock to put in there. I am also looking for a better light to put on it as...
  17. Annemarie

    29 gallon stocking

    Hi! After a long wait I’ve finally convinced all those I live with to allow me to keep a larger tank. It’s goimg to be a 29 long and I was going to take a look at filters later depending on how the stocking idea proceeds. I’ll have smooth pebble substrate for the loach (mentioned later) and I...
  18. J

    Stocking Help

    Hi. I am new to fishkeeping and need help. I am getting the Aqueon 36 Gallon bow front ensemble. I don’t yet have it and don’t currently know my water conditions but can change them if needed. I plan to condition my water, wait a day, and then use tss and add my fish. Is this the correct way of...
  19. MyFishKaren

    20 Gallon Tank - Overstocked?

    I currently have a 20 gallon tank pertaining: 2 Angelfish 1 Dwarf Gourami 1 Dalmatian Molly Is my tank overstocked? Would I be able to add any other fish, and would I be able to add an algae eater? Thanks, MyFishKaren
  20. L

    Potential Stocking List For 65l (17g)?

    Would it be OK to stock a 65 litre (17g) tank with: Honey Gourami x2 Guppy x3 Corydora x2 and a handful of shrimp or small school of tetras? I'm almost certain that this is overstocking, which is why I've come here for advice! I would use aqadvisor, but my tank is an odd shape, so it's a...