1. J

    Identifying fish help

    Can anyone identify what type of Severum this is please?
  2. R

    Hi, new to the forum looking to move on some severums

    all approx 4-5 inches, 2 blue, 2 red shoulders, 2 orange. Lovely fish but I miss having a planted tank (severums eat plants) Potentially up for swaps for freshwater puffer fish. Located in Paignton
  3. K

    Severum laid eggs unfertile

    My female severum laid eggs again. She is the only one in the tank so I know they are not fertilized. I've been told that I should remove them due to it causing her to be more aggressive . Is this true ? Or should I let her be ? She's guarding them like crazy I can't even walk by that side of...
  4. K

    Severum issue

    So I had a 45 gallon freshwater tank . It has 2 electric blue acaras , 1 red severum and a pleco . My severum had been tormenting my EBA . I went to the local store and they told me my tank might just be too small. I found a great deal and got a new 70 gallon tank. I just did the transfer and...
  5. H

    Severum don’t get along HELP

    Green severum question 🙋‍♀️ Can anyone tell me if these are two males or if the first one is a female ? The first one has very little squiggles on the face but keeps chasing the one that is an obvious male (see second picture). The poor second one is always running away from it. No bites of fins...
  6. Arollo

    Severum Care- Male or Female Helpful Advice

    Hello, I've used the forums many times, now I have decided to join because I do not see much on this topic. Anyways, 2 years ago I ordered four red shoulder severums. Out of the four, one passed away & another started beating up the other severums badly, had to move *him*, now I am left with 2...
  7. D

    New cichlid owner

    I’ve kept fish for years but I recently bought a tank and it came with 12 baby Malawi cichlids, a green severum and what I think is a black bullhead catfish. Anyway, my other tanks (which are much smaller) have crystal clear water for long periods of time but this tank has a different appearance...
  8. C

    Green Severum, parasites? *Need help* any ideas on what it is/ how to treat?

  9. K

    New Red Spot Severum gasping, high levels

    If anyone can read about our situation and give advice we would be so grateful! We are new to the aquarium world, but our problem has stumped even the girl at the fish room who seems to know everything. We have a 20 gallon tank and 2 weeks ago we put in it a Red Spotted Severum (3 or 4 inches...
  10. J

    Shy Red Shoulder Severums

    HI, I have two young Red shoulder severums in my tank around 1-1.5 inches. They are in a 4 ft tank with some smaller south american tetras and are very shy. Why is this? They come out to feed and then go and hide again? I want them to be right as they will be having some geophagus tank mates...
  11. J

    75 gallon stocking question

    I have a 75 gallon that currently has a 4 inch gold severum 1.5-2 inch green terror and 6 Columbian tetra. I'm wanting to add a jack dempsey, will it be too much aggression for a 4 ft tank. I'm running a ehiem 2075 and sunsun 304b so filtration should be fine. Any advice would be greatly...
  12. J

    Severum Laid Eggs

    Severum Laid eggs how long do they take to hatch ??? What can the fry eat ???? And what color are the eggs suppose to look like??
  13. J

    Stocking A 90 Gallon

    Hi Fish Forums! This is my first post and I'm excited to get feedback!     I am restocking my 90 Gallon aquarium and need some advice on compatibility and overstocking. I am running 2 canister filters on my 90 and have 6 Silver Dollars. I want to have a somewhat peaceful stocking and have thrown...
  14. hudsona85

    Severum Additions

    So after much debate and discovering water parameters that would be suitable for my new 75gal tank, I have chosen to go for SA cichlids. I will have sand as my substrate and debating between the Aquatop CF500UV, Eheim Pro 350, or 1 or 2 AquaClear 110. I am not planning on having live plants. I...
  15. AeonMapa

    Gluttonous Severum!

    So I have a single 3" long red severum in my community tank with rams and tetras and a few other fish. He's great, never bullies anyone, chills out the whole day and loves to say hello when I come home. There is however one problem. This guys just loves loves loves to eat. It doesn't help that...
  16. Se7en

    Severum Behaviour.

    Nothing serious, just simple curiosity. For that reason I imagine this post will probably just go unnoticed, I don't mind that.   I hear a lot of stories about fish displaying ''personality'' and would just like a little clarification as to what this actually means, particularly so in the case...
  17. Brahmza

    Toss Ideas Around For A New 125G Community!

    Hey everyone. I'm starting a new community and am looking for advice on further stocking. It's a 125G tank, PH at 7.4. Here's what I've already decided on - - 2 Super Red Severums (My centerpiece most likely) 5 Turquoise Rainbows 5 Lake Tebera Rainbows 10 Denisons Barbs 10 Syndontis Petricola...
  18. Brahmza

    Severums With Rams?

    Hey everyone. I recently moved and am starting to set up my tanks again. Right now, I have a 55g tank set up, PH 6.8, Temp at 75 fahrenheit, and I have a few questions. I know that adult severums shouldn't be kept in a 55g. I just purchased a group of 8 juveniles, all under quarter size, and...
  19. Llittlefox

    Severum And Blue Acara

    Okay so I'm new to Cichlids, I normally have a tank of guppies and other nice peaceful live bearing fish. Now the reason I've decided to get Cichlids is because everyone is telling me I should get Cichlids.   What I bought was a Severum and a blue Acara I also have a Pleco, they were small when...